Women uniting in diversity

Karen Verburgh

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Born and raised in the Netherlands, I have found my home in South Africa since 2009. I feel extremely privileged to live in such a stunning natural part of the world. The beauty and power of nature help me to stay connected to all that is important, and I like to share that whenever possible, including with clients. The other reason why I love living in SA so much is its people. I love the diversity, and have a passion for connecting people as well as bridging divides. Both locally and internationally that is, because I believe that the problems we are facing today cannot be solved sustainably unless we take hands and join forces across boundaries and borders.

I cannot separate myself from the work that I do: it is all about Being a Vessel for Change. I found my passion and purpose in 2000 and have been working internationally as a Human Development or learning facilitator and coach since.

I invite you to experience a deeper connection to Self, others, the Universe and the situation at hand. The deeper I connect, the more I realise how we are all One: all beings together make up this magical and mysterious life. Ubuntu. Practically and professionally speaking it makes us become better versions of ourselves and have an optimal impact together.


Busi Mgbemena

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I am a Professional Facilitator Coach who is a global thinker. Having been born and raised in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa has given me great awareness of cultural diversity and informs my contribution towards social cohesion. I believe in connecting with people at a place of their authentic self and meeting them where they are at. I am passionate about travelling the journey with women who are on a quest to discover their WHO AM I? My internal source enables me to facilitate change processes that bring about inner transformation in others, in spaces where we connect with one another through our individual stories.

Din van Helden

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Born in the Netherlands and I life now close to nature in the beautiful Wachau (Austria).

In the facilitation of learning processes I’m focused on strengthening connectedness. Connectedness with Self (authenticity, own strengths, important values) and enabling the connectedness in (business) communities (by deep listening, constructive conflicts, life sustaining innovation).

I’m inspired by transformation in and with nature. It’s such a beautiful and rich context for (re)connection. On a personal level, being in nature helps to connect with your essence. On a more systemic level, nature is showing us so clearly how we can co-exist and develop in harmony with all forms of life.

In collaboration with the amazing Washeela van der Schyff and Soraya Arendse.